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Life as a rock star is to end. Mineral water on the Office table today drunk instead of a wine in the Hall is 4/5. Well, some will still feel the aftermath in the form of lost wallets or jackets. moncler sale uk, Concerns remained also a wedding ring at the Olma, together with dignity and honor.

Fortunately the owner could be identified now. It’s the way hundreds of stray jackets. Unloved they eke out an existence in a 110-litre waste bags. «Three entire bags full of jackets were left behind for us», explains the project manager of the FM1 Radio City, Moncler. «Probably some people have extra Olma jackets.»

«May be running around a few pregnant women».

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In addition to countless coats and sweaters, the raging mob partially left their entire belongings. Many purses are surfaced, mostly looted, and phones. «One of the Smartphones rang again and again and an irate girlfriend was looking for her sweetheart,» moncler jacket mens. Also, Moncler found a pack of pills: «Probably now a few pregnant women running around.»

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The pills, wallets, phones, and sweaters are not thrown into the depths of the refuse incineration, but land in the FM1 Office West of St.Gallen. moncler outlet store uk, At least the jackets: «the valuables are passed the police, we keep the rest about a year with us in the Office, he can be picked there.» Those things that remain will be donated.

Olma – lost land to the police

Not only the remaining stock from the Radio City ends up at the police station, but also the whole remnant of the Olma. «We received the whole packets of Losts & founds the Olma in the coming days», Melanie Widmer explains St.Gallen, which operates the Fund Office of the city by the city police. cheap moncler jackets uk, He could not say yet what there is everything including, at the present time.

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In addition to many lost items and a’re «grind», the Olma leaves also beautiful things. Lots of memories for example. «We had a perfect Radio City with visitor records, incredibly good mood and happy people», says Moncler.

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